Steps to Success

Your step-by-step guide to running successful email marketing
campaigns using EmailRake.

Finding new customers shouldn’t be that difficult. EmailRake is a software dedicated to helping your business easily find, communicate with and acquire new customers. Our proprietary technology searches the web for your audience, rakes in their contact information, and helps you craft beautiful emails to connect with them. 

Signing Up

In this video, you will learn how to create an EmailRake account and how to verify your user email address. You will also learn about the different kinds of accounts, and how to upgrade your account over time.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to use EmailRake to find endless numbers of emails and phone numbers for businesses all over the world. You will also learn how to organize this contact information into lists, and how to edit those lists over time.

Raking is a feature that allows you to collect your target audiences information. Our technology can scrape Google Maps for all data that matches your request, and will rake in all accessible information on your audience. This info usually includes their email, phone number, business name, their website and more! 

Managing Templates

In these two tutorials, you will learn how to use EmailRake to send emails. We refer to plain text emails as sales emails (1st video below), and refer to emails with images as marketing emails (2nd video below).

We’ll go over how you can organize and add templates, how you can use tags and merge codes to target and customize your campaign, and the ways you can edit the content and design of your email. 

ps. Make sure you save your changes after making any edits to your templates!

Sales templates are non-design emails that focus on text and are the best way to reach NEW customers. New users trying to send cold marketing campaigns should start here for best results.

Marketing templates are design-focused and the best way to communicate with current customers that know the brand, company, or product. It’s recommended that you use marketing templates once you have an active audience to send promotions and updates to. It’s also good to use this to push promotions out to any contacts that have been unresponsive to repeated sales campaigns.

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